Molar mass calculator

In chemistry, the molar mass is a physical property that is defined as the mass of a substance divided by the amount of the substance. This calculator solves for the molar mass of a chemical formula and the mass percent of each element in the formula.

Example: The chemical formula for magnesium stearate, a compound found in some medical tablets, is and would be entered below as Mg(CH3(CH2)16CO2)2.

ElementAtomsMass In Compound (g / mol)Mass Percent

Dilution calculator

The Dilution equation calculates a required value to achieve the specified concentration. This calculator uses the formula where and are the molarity of the solutions and and are the volumes of the solutions.

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Ideal gas law calculator

The Ideal Gas Law is the equation for a hypothetical ideal gas. It is used to predict certain measurements of a gas under normal conditions. This calculator uses the formula to accurately tell the pressure , volume , number of moles , or the temperature . In this equation, is the ideal, or universal, gas constant. It is derived from the combined gas law, (which explores the relationship between temperature, pressure and volume) and Avogadro's law (which states that under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, the same volume of all gases contains the same number of molecules).

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Gas Constant

Specific heat calculator

The specific heat capacity of a substance is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of the substance by a given amount. This calculator uses the equation where is the amount of energy, is the mass of the substance, is the specific heat capacity, and is the change in temperature.

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